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Awesome - mostly because these cover the gamut of the ones I'd propose - and have posted previously (http://www.worldatwork.org/community/discussions/discuss.jsp?did=35043). My key categories have been bucketed as Principled, Intelligent, Innovative and Articulate - the last two (or three) of which have included that 'business intelligence' thing, along with (not coincidentally) marketing and communications. Very nice posting.

Thanks Chris. I think that Recruiting could benefit from working with Marketing as well.

Really liked this post Jacque. There is one more category I would add though: Consumer Marketing Research - The process of scientifically testing and understanding consumer preferences. I think HR (and it often falls into Total Rewards) is slowly becoming more in tune with employee preferences. Once these preferences are understood, reward programs can be tailored, or flexibility offered to deliver the most bang for the budget. For example, your employees might value a 1% increase in 401k contribution 5x more than a 5% increase in bonus opportunity but the budgeted spend to the Company is the same. Why not design your total rewards with the employee preferences in mind – rather than trying to guess at the portfolio that best motivates, attracts and retains….. Great stuff, and I agree that HR can learn a lot from Marketing!

Thank you Jeff. You make a very good point. Testing what employees really want is crucial if we want to tailor programs.

I don't want to sound like a "segregationist" but I think that we need to focus on "critical jobs" when tailoring programs. The others --- OK --- but let's start where the company gets the most bang for the buck. And let's not say we have to give everyone the same thing.

I will bet that Google and Lazlo Bock are already doing a lot of this.

Gee why don't we just put Compensation in Marketing!

How can a company compensate and remunerate its employee secretly that other employees don’t get to know? Please advise.

I believe the concept of segmentation is too often robbing Peter to pay Paul, and too often as an excluse to overpay the "leadership" versus market-facing roles. Segmentation should be about tailoring performance and pay design to the way different types of human capital are employed in business model-specific ways to create profits or other strategic outcomes not subjective perceptions of relative value of contributions.

Thank you David. Please understand that segmentation doesn't mean paying leadership. In fact the jobs that are critical/key are usually not leadership.

If the strategy is breaking into new markets in new countries then the key jobs would be Sales and Marketing (local). It would be those jobs that would be rewarded handsomely for helping the company achieve critical business goals ---- not Engineering, Finance, HR, etc.

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