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I have a nearly perfect success rate at making an awkward experience out of any phone call in which I have to dictate a letter/number combination. I printed the phonetic alphabet out and stuck it on the side of my monitor. Thanks!

Just a little Holiday present for all and sundry. It's nice to know that there are ways we can produce "the wrong numbers" that do NOT involve bad data or inaccurate computations. Or perhaps we can simply take comfort in a new way to solve old problems that pop up when speaking "compensation" numbers.

The Puzzle Palace will offer a guess on the public phonics challenge - is it the letter Q?

Q = quelque or quay

That's not it; quick or queue are my third and fourth choices in the "Q" category.


Yep. X marked my difficult spot. Xenography and xenobiology are the only other confusing homonyms that came to mind for "X" homophones, but I dismissed them as too arcane and not found in normal usage. Maybe I should have checked a dictionary, but I considered that cheating and just gave up after exhausting my remembered vocabulary.

Good post, but this is why I pretty much *always* e-mail numerical information.

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