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This is a great perspective. This can be especially pronounced when their are wide spread age groups at a company. A ping pong table is a perk to some and a very loud clicking clock to others.

Perk #1: The giant cargo net - Cannot comprehend this one.

Perk #2: The in-office massage - As a former massage therapist, I think this one is pretty good (especially if you don't have #22)

Perk #3: A never ending stockpile of free coffee - No way, coffee’s not a perk. It’s oxygen. AGREED

Perk #4: A ball bath to bring back your childhood - HUH?

Perk #5: Pets in the office - I once heard about this guy with a pet tiger....

Perk #6: Office fridge filled with favorite snacks - Had a client with a fridge filled with fresh fruits and veggies. It didn't suck.

Perk #7: Free breakfast - If it’s donuts like the picture, you might want to chat with HR about their wellness program. Good point

Perk #8: Catered lunch – Please not those awful corporate America sandwiches. ("please do not leave the office, grab your food and get back to work")

Perk #9: Catered dinner - OK, let’s just call it ‘free food in the office’ and have one perk instead of five. ("thanks for staying earlier, now don;t go home")

Perk #10: Free stuff - Great if you have small children or bored parents.

Perk #11: Open workspace - I like open plan seating but I don’t think of it as a perk. A corner office is a perk. AGREED

Perk #12: Health club at work - Hey, this is starting to feel like a conspiracy to keep people from ever leaving the building. YEAH!!!! Let's all live together!

Perk #13: A life coach - When exactly people are supposed to do any work, between all these counseling, massage and workout sessions? (Trying to get advice on how to leave such a great workplace to spend some "alone" time)

Perk #14 - Cool workspace - Uh huh, only I shudder to think what some people consider cool… the picture in the article has purple lighting everywhere, gah! LOL

Perk #15 - An in-office rock wall - No comment.

Perk #16 - A barbershop - I told you these are ‘guy’ perks! No guy wants to have tiny little hairs on his neck while he's at work after the cut.

Perk #17 - A designated nap room - I worked for a company that had one of those. Actually, the less said about that the better. :)

Perk # 18 - Unlimited alcohol on Friday afternoons - Ironically, I just got an email inviting me to an HR webinar about after hours employer liability. But we all live here. I will sleep it off in the nap room!

Perk #19 - Special movie screenings - Obviously none of the employees at this company have friends or family outside the office. Again, we all live here. I haven't had time for my appointment with the life coach. I have just decided to only date coworkers

Perk #20 - A free laundry service - OK, you got me. I will work for you. For free. Ummmm, I live here, How can you NOT have laundry?

Perk #21 - An office DJ booth - Why stop there? Let’s go crazy and throw in a Foozball table, juke box and video arcade! (Actually a recording studio would be cool…)

Perk #22 - Ergonomic office furniture - Since when is comfortable furniture a perk?

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