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Have experienced all 3 of your points, Derek.

When serving as a "translator" between Maritz and Shawmut Banks, I blocked implementation of their mutually-desired recognition program when I correctly identified widespread dissatisfaction with bank base pay as their most crucial issue. Problems with inadequate/chaotic cash comp could not be solved by a non-cash approach. (Ironically, the Maritz exec who brought me in as an interventionist was happy to have a credible reason to disengage from a lose-lose situation.)

Best/simplest case re item #2 & #3 was also long ago, when I learned that, in the Philippines, spouses of my global corporation's Filipino employees were hiring hit men to collect on our standard employee life insurance policy. While merely nominal in the USA, the amount was a fortune there.

What works in one place is not automatically right everywhere.

That is a crazy example, Jim! Wish I could say I hadn't heard similar stories before, but thank you for highlighting so powerfully the importance of careful consideration when globalizing programs!

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