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Great suggestion Margaret! Who says Compensation can't be "high touch"!

Great article Margaret. Actually talking to people, face-to-face, like evolution intended is an amazingly powerful tool. One caution.... Don;t interview people if you intend, or expect, to ignore everything they say once they're gone.

Once you engage someone who may have otherwise been just floating around, you need to continue this engagement after the interview. If not it's like waking someone up to tell them it's time to go do something cool, then leaving them behind as they excitedly prepare to go with you.

Thanks for backing me up guys. Our compensation communications should build relationships, so worthwhile, but so often ignored or even avoided!

I've been thinking about this some more Margaret. Your idea is very creative and can set a good example. HR could use the same process for talking to employees about various policies. Better understanding is what we need.

I'm not high on company-wide surveys or formalized approaches ---- I think much more can be accomplished in having small group meetings with employees. Maybe you don't reach everyone --- but the ones you do reach can really be impacted. And they can be the messengers to others in their work group.

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