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I am big on treating adults like adults but there will always be people who wants to punish all because of a few problem children. I call that lazy management. Coach and give tools to managers to manage successfully and we will all be much happier.

One of the most dispiriting things I have ever heard in my life, and that sums up a large part of what's wrong with this country was said to me about 15 years ago by an employment law attorney (and this is close to an exact quote): "You cannot treat your best employee any better than you treat your worst employee, and you cannot treat your worst employee any worse than you treat your best employee."

Jules agree that companies sometimes take the easy way out. Everyone is covered under the "rule" so they don't have to worry.

Tony --- here is a quote that I think says it all:

"More than ambition, more than ability, it is rules that limit contribution; rules are the lowest common denominator of human behavior. They are a substitute for rational thought." ------ Admiral Hyman Rickover

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