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An interesting angle on how to best manage the recipients' (Recipients = Prisoners) - not with physical deprivation and hardship, but by chipping away at their social status "scorecard". Good posting.

Despite the public disavowal - it struck me that Jim still seemed to know a little bit too much about the ins and outs of the federal penal system, from having just witnessed that from outside the fenceline?

What was Strother Martin's line in Cool Hand Luke, " . . . what we have here, is a failure to communicate"?

Right on, Chris... at least on the chain gang quote. I know better than to proclaim my innocence, but I do listen well, read a lot and try to learn from a wide variety of sources. Just speak as an observer of human behavior.

Whatever Jim's direct experience with life behind bars, or lack thereof, the story is great and memorable, and I'm planning to retell it for years to come.

Thanks, Gerry, especially for not referring to my experience IN bars.

Doesn't Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix do almost exactly this? And I don't think it's helped his reputation among the bien-pensants. Although he does seem to keep getting reelected.

Not exactly, Tony. I just confirmed that the notorious sheriff has issued pink underwear. But he also has been assailed for providing prisoners bad food and denying them sexually explicit materials. Whether "right-thinking" people agree or not, he serves at the pleasure of his constituents.

The Leavenworth ex-warden didn't have to stand for election. He only chose murderers as the trusties who served his family living within the prison walls, too. He explained they were the safest con workers because theirs were typically crimes of passion. But he hid the fact from his family that their cook was sentenced there for poisoning his entire family. Lucky for his domestic peace, part of the code in penal institutions is to never ask about what they did.

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