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A stable currency is apparently worth its weight in gold, eh? Great article.

Some number of years back, I was fascinated to learn that a handful of foreign countries actually use U.S. currency as their official currency (which is apparently known as "dollarization"). These include: East Timor, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Panama, and Turks and Caicos Islands.

I'll challenge Jim that his next foray into this area should include a treatment on the emergence of the new crypto-currencies and the myriad of their future implications (economic, social, psychological, etc.). I'll even offer Jim a working title - Show Me The Bitcoin!

You know a subject is important when it is the central topic (the McGuffin) of contemporary best-selling works of fiction. Currency stability was the key to Lee Child's first book in the Jack Reacher series. Bitcoins were the plot device in Neil Stephenson's first big novel. Both were written some years ago, so the topics are not new.

It is dangerous to assume that the essential economic foundation of our economy will continue to remain stable perpetually without disruption. Most of the world doesn't have our happy history.

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