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I love it! Those of us who have spent years in Compensation sometimes get "on a roll" when explaining something and really don't think about who we're talking to. One suggestion might be to have 2 "speeches" for each subject --- one for journals and academia and one for practitioners. AND couple academicians/consultants with practitioners for every session of every conference. Some conferences are doing this now.

Well put - as Peter Drucker once put it (I think it was him, but I intro the doubt to ensure I don't sound academic you know!) ;-)
"communication is the act of the recipient." Thanks

I am curently working to make certain executive program communications more robust in my organization. This article helped me to refocus my efforts by making sure the communications were truly effective. Thanks!

Besides rambling nonsensical editorials, you nailed the reason why news print media has waned to such a great extent. The NY Times is holding on by a thread and huge line of tapped credit.

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