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Derek ---- thought I would share what a good influence you've been on me. The other day I ate lunch at my favorite place. The waiter was incredibly customer oriented and friendful. I watched as he took crayons and paper to a couple of young kids that were waiting with their parents to be seated. He didn't have to do that. He also noticed that my knife was not clean and replaced it. He didn't have to do that.

Anyway when I left I called his manager and him over and gave him some praise. I did it in front of his manager because I wanted her to hear it.

He thanked me and went on about his work. His manager was floored --- said she had never had this happen.

How sad that she seemed so surprised --- agree that more people should "give flowers to the living". And while you're at it, do it in front of her/his manager.

Great post Derek. Too many people are focused on recognizing the few and not the many that are also deserving.

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