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This is a great example of internal disfunction, Laura.

"Culture" alone usually can’t overcome a rotten performance management process. Your "reward model" shown atop is perfectly fine, by itself; but there is more to the performance process than a reward matrix alone. As long as "expectations" are mutually clear and mutually beneficial with regular good feedback, it should work perfectly for mutual advantage. But the scenario was filled with perverse incentives and conflicting objectives. Reminded me of some of John Cleese’s old Video Arts training films that sent strong positive messages via negative examples. The idiotic shortsighted behaviors displayed by both sales and marketing here mocked their tunnel visions but left them remaining uncorrected. Sure wouldn’t want either of those characters evaluating each other.

It’s a great example of senior management failing to effectively apply different approaches to reach a common goal. They live in different worlds, creating obstacles for each other rather than bridges. The variable tactics shown need to serve an overall unified strategy which is missing here. Suspect an intelligent Sales & Marketing Director would be the third party needed to make this culture supportive rather than antagonistic.

Hope this link gets passed around a lot!

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