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Chuck: good metaphor. Very valid analogy, too, with parallel health implications. Just as when you are without any other food, peanut butter contains maximum nutrients concentrated into its small volume, so the standardized uniform increase might be justified as the minimal distribution that is equally unfair to all when you have very little money in your merit budget. Rather than totally eliminate any base pay increase due to insufficent funds to adequately recongize differential performance, a few will grasp at the peanut butter approach to continue annual increases of any kind while shifting to different reward systems for their super-keepers.

Not endorsing such behavior, but just commenting, because peanut butter is very bad for some people, too.

Why oh why do we keep doing "something for everyone". We can't afford to keep doing this ---- I don't mean monetarily but strategically.

My guess is that it's because most supervisors are human and are forced to interact with subordinates who tend to resent feeling depreciated. Strategic top management perspectives founder on the shoals of lower level tactical implementation.

What do others think?

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