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Sorry to see so few comments, Ann, but I suspect there are too many examples to permit a limited selection. Every question asking for "THE right number...," for instance. Or all requests for "the PERFECT answer for all situations." Any inquiry about a single universal solution for all issues is usually doomed to fail. Reminds me of my "Compensation Cookbook" article.

Followers don't lead very often. While a map can give guidance, it doesn't set direction.

Great piece! It has been said that no country or company ever became great simply by copying others. Yet the herd instinct seems to drive many in management and on boards. My pet peave question when you've come up with a well considered, customized, and creative solution is: Do you know any companies doing (or that have done) that? Worse, you see other companies doing it a few YEARS later and getting rave reviews!

I have to say that nearly every conversation regarding equity compensation plans begins with "what is XYZ doing?".

As you mentioned, my response is often something like "why does it matter?"

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