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This is great JIm. Thanks for your insights. In Minnesota we are about to pass a law that would enforce equal pay for equal work laws such as the Equal Pay Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Minnesota Dept. of Human Rights Act and Minnesota's Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. Its important to understand and document how the fluctuations in market rates affect internal equity. Are the wage gaps widening as a result? Are wages for women and employees of color consistently below those of white men? If so, document why and be prepared to defend your reasons. You mentioned high demand STEM jobs. These are white male dominated fields that are also high wage, high demand. Again, document, document, document and be prepared to defend your reasons to authorities should the need arise....which, hopefully it never will. And, if you think the gender/race wage gap is widening internally be proactive about hiring qualified women and people of color into these high demand jobs.

I should mention the new law, should it be enacted (we'll know very shortly) would only affect Minnesota state contractors.

Patty: Yes, Minnesota has always been a leader in pay equity initiatives. I conducted a seminar in St. Paul on comparable worth job evaluation for judges and arbitrators on the State Board of Mediation when the first such legislation was enacted.

Without a comprehensive "re-set," the effects of historical pay bias continue to accumulate and are perpetuated via systemic discrimination through the years. Jobs dominated by protected classes that have been devalued for generations will not suddenly be paid "properly" higher without dramatic changes in valuation protocols. Secretaries never received any special general adjustment. Nurses are in high demand, too, but you don't see disproportionate pay increases for such "women's work." Things WILL change, because we continue to live in interesting times.

Ah yes. If only we could get The Government to dictate the worth of jobs, heaven on earth would be imminent.

Naw; in that way lies madness, Tony. THEIR concept of value would be neither yours nor mine. Besides, that implies that there is one single "perfect" price for every job, but that's not true. We all know that every employer imposes its own unique value system upon its relevant MRP choice. No two use the exact same numbers and each incumbent has a different value, too. Yet all survive...

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