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Absolutely right. Without a decent salary an employee won't be able to meet his family needs thereby undermining his commitment to the organisational goals. Once we ensure a decent salary we can work on extracting discretionary effort from them through suitable reward and recognition programme.

I have no clue what a 'decent salary' might be so I am sitting next to the roadside on this one. I just renewed my driver's license at the Santa Monica office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles and I am sure all the people who work there are paid at least a 'decent salary'. But the way they treat their 'customers' is nothing less than tragic. If you honestly believe paying these people more would keep them from 'abusing' the people who have no other choice but to plead at the 'alter' of these state employees to get their driver's license you just got to be smoking rope.

One young woman had unfortunately 'failed' her written test by a significant margin. The state employee in charge of 'scoring papers' said to her in a loud voice, "This is the worst score I have seen today. Are you really that stupid?" Maybe a 'decent salary' would have taught that 'clown' some basic human behavior.

However, please do tell me what a 'decent salary' might be because I am sure a zillion company leaders are looking for the 'secret sauce' of performance and motivation. And I have yet to meet a CEO who does not believe he or she pays the workforce 'decently'.

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