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Hmmm... so you prefer job description verbs that follow the infinitive form rather than the 3rd person active present indicative form? Like "plans, develops, advises." Without getting grammatically laborious, I've always preferred the telegraphic approach, where "the incumbent..." is the assumed preface to every direct action statement. Your "infinitive" approach requires the reader to assume a first-person pronoun or a "the job exists in order to..." or "the incumbent is employed to..." before the verb.

I've always gone with the action verb at the beginning myself. Just like it better --- not so formal. My 2 cents.

Grammar Nazi alert!!!!!

Tony RANDALL would not have felt that way. The telegraphic action-verb style ("plans") seems stronger than the more distant and indirect "the role is to plan" option. Haven't looked up any of the more senior authorities for formal reasoning supporting that traditional approach, but maybe it's just a matter of opinion.

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