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From the ending, one might suspect this is a fairy tale.

Very good, Dan. Love executive compensation stories. :)

I love it! Agree with Jim.

Jim and Jacque,

At this point it is a hopeful fairy tale. It could. however end more like the traditional Grimm fairytales. But, let's hope not!


Thanks for the comment. I am hoping that this spark conversations about the proper use of TSR as a metric. We will see if it has any impact.


This has been the question from several readers. TSR = Total Shareholder Return.

What is TSR?
It is the growth or shrinkage in stock price plus any dividends paid to shareholders. For many shareholders, this is the single most important measurement of how a stock performs against both expectations and peers. It is important to remember that TSR is a result of actions, not the driver of actions.

Here's another article I wrote on the topic that explains it in more detail:


Appreciated the post this week!

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