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Hi Derek,

Great post. As I raise my son the letter about the context of test results rings true. Data analytics is also showing in many areas that the highest GPA’s don’t always correlate to high performance in the workforce.

When you talk about “crowdsourcing performance reviews” I think the balance is important. I would hope managers are gathering feedback from others in the company regarding the employee performance even if it is not a formal part of the process. When you advocate crowdsourcing performance reviews does the manager have the final say? If others have too much input it could reduce the manager’s ability to manage.

As with anything, it is all a matter of how it is implemented and supported.

Good ideas Derek. Kids/employees don't get enough credit for "life experience"!

I saw this letter on Facebook. Right underneath was another article, saying the teacher didn't actually write the letter herself: she copied it off the internet (never mind what teachers say when they catch children submitting essays copied off the internet. Do what I say, not what I do?).

My other issue was the letter wasn't at all personalised: "many of you speak two languages". The letter would have been so much more powerful if each child received an individualised letter, highlighting their personal strengths.

Like a good performance review.

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