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Great post Dan,
This is also why I advocate a holistic integrated approach to total rewards. Not only does each component need to be well thought out they have to work together. Each component has a different focus and time horizon and each needs to be aligned to support other for optimization.

This is a really interesting and clever analysis by analogy. Lots to think about here.

Thanks for your comments.

A holistic approach is the way to go. Like any major shift it cannot be done in one quick rollout. The company must be committed to an evolutionary implementation to a revolutionary idea.

I can understand how this can be a tough sell at many companies. I can also understand why many compensation professionals cannot see the upside of so much work for such a long-term and, perhaps, tenuous career goal.

Of course, that is also why only a few have a real chance to win the Tour de France each year.

Funny, how professional racers receive incentives rather than competing solely for the intrinsic satisfaction of the enjoyable sport of bicycling. Most people do it as a form of entertainment, so they don't demand pay. When the activity is a business rather than "play", modes of behavior shift (like gears?) and different reinforcement elements become appropriate.

Thanks for the lesson within the lesson, Dan!


Thanks for the lesson, inside a lesson, inside a lesson

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