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You gave a good description of some of the differences between tacticians and strategists, too, Chuck. Detailed knowledge of tactics (which vehicle is the fastest) avails little when the strategy (traversing a rocky pitted mountain road) should define the issue. "Best" is relative to the context.

I agree Chuck. And just more instance of HR people not understanding the business. I just got through reading an article on whether HR is broken in HBR ---- the second one of its kind in 3 weeks. BUT if Comp Pros want to, they can take it upon themselves to get out of their office and talk to and learn from people in the business part of the company. That's the only way they're going to learn to be strategic ---- see the big picture. And afterward maybe they can train their colleagues in HR to do the same thing!

What goes around comes around. I was taught in the mid 70s by a forward thinker at Shell that compensation is an art and not a science and that to get things 80% right is pretty good going and it gets things done.

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