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Even the comparisons between the US and Canada where we (sort of) share a common language and have very many organizational parallels would be problematic. Despite the maximum amount of similarities between these "sister" countries, occupational level relationships are quite different. Labor laws, health care practices, social conventions and other cultural variations are only a few factors that complicate attempts to formulate a global status methodology in any but the broadest form. Considering the different educational and technical environments in other overseas nations would make it even tougher. Yes, something can be done, but it will be very rough and dirty rather than consistent and precise.

We tend to think of grades as being synonymous with pay ranges and while the latter stems from the former and very useful in this endeavour they are most valuable for assisting with the process of talent management and career pathing of individuals across borders.

When used by international companies they often primarily reflect the value of work (to the organization) with step rates reflecting increases in value contribution (i.e size of role) to enable individual postings to roles with appropriate stretch. In a global organization this can become more important than their use for pay.

They are also useful when uniform in this way for developing global scales for certain skill sets and mobile employees

Thank you for your comment Paul. I agree that pay ranges have nothing to do with pay ranges the point is that job values sometimes vary as well. If you reread my #1-3 points under "Con" above there are times when global job leveling doesn't work. That's why I say that I believe ---again in my opinion --- it is best to use the job value locally for local employees and then map the job levels to corporate for purposes of stock/bonus, etc.

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