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Maybe the median rather than mean for "how much more" figure is more meaningful given the wide range of scores(zero to 200%)and small sample size?


Maybe. Median was 25%.

That was an interesting consultant survey you cited, Ann. It had more to do with how happy people are with their current income than with how fairly they are being compensated. It had this interesting finding:

While a majority of Americans are not satisfied with their current salaries, there does appear to be a tipping point. From the $75,000-$100,000 income range up, a majority of workers say they earn their desired salary.


Two-thirds (65 percent) would not like it if their company openly disclosed all salaries.

Thanks for posting it. This kind of info is hard to find.

Link to consultant's survey;


Thanks for including the link, Harold - and for noting a few of the other interesting findings in the study.

So transparency might work in well-paying high-tech firms, but less so in low-paying service firms. (Unless you can do credible framing in advance of the reveal?)

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