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Suggest adding a #4 "Respond to voluntary admissions of mistakes with supportive counsel." Remain cool, don't criticize, but offer appreciation for the head's up, give helpful suggestions to minimize negative consequences, to reduce the probability of repetition and to encourage joint planning for improved future outcomes. Prove you are there to help and empower rather than merely judge, praise and reward.

It's hardest to supervise when the subordinate does wrong, but that is the time when it is most important to properly manage performance. People learn more from mistakes than from perfection and errors are much more common than perfect accuracy.

Along with that, a willingness to provide for the conditions where mistakes can happen in the first place. Provide people with sufficient scope to take those risks, and then loop to Jim's suggestion. Micromanagement says "I've got my back and the heck with you" more than anything else I have seen or experienced.

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