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"In addition some governments are now enacting legislation that requires employers to cover the well-being of their employees."

Would it be too much to hope that at some point individuals will rebel against being so infantilized?

Hi Tony ---- It's late and I'm not processing very well. Would you be more specific in your comment? Thanks.

Jacque - apologies; my point was expressed in far too cryptic a manner, and it was not directly responsive to your post.

It also comes from a wider perspective than that of a rewards specialist.

I am disheartened/bemused/outraged that anyone expects (or acquiesces to the idea that)their employers are or ought to be responsible for their well-being.

Does this make me a dinosaur?

Hi Tony,
Employees should be responsible for their wellbeing but if you have seen the obesity trends it is not happening. The cost of healthcare to companies and the economy in general is only going up. You are already seeing companies share more of the cost with employees that smoke and I think it is only a matter of time before companies share more of the cost for other preventable health reasons. The push for wellness programs is to start to get in front of the issue. Just like with smoking, I always provide free smoking cessation programs for employees and their family before charging different rates. If employees can take advantage of the wellness programs being offered it may help slow other decisions.

Also culturally if employees have been afraid to leave the office long enough to take care of their health a company sponsored wellness program and awareness may start to change that.

It would be nice if people in general took better care of themselves but if that is not happening and the financials of companies are being impacted they will look into options to respond.

Hi Tony and Trevor. Both of your comments are interesting and only serve to make me more aware of the difference of opinion people have on this issue. Thanks ---- because I'm now going to write about this whole "responsibility" issue for my next post! :-)

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