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I have a number of doubts that this could be a benchmark job. First, at some companies, regardless of its size, this could be a single incumbent job while other companies might need an entire department. Second, the responsibility levels would also very greatly - from 30 days in the county jail to lock 'em up and throw away the key in a federal pen. Then there is the whole issue of serving two sentences concurrently, which is like holding two jobs at one time, versus serving concurrent sentences, which is a career path.
Finally, if you want a VP-level job added to a survey to serve as a benchmark, it ought to be a job with good reportable data for base pay, STI and LTI. Given the difficulties of designing an appropriate STI program for this position, I just don't think the data would be meaningful. Would you pay the role for staying out or for going to jail?
So, it might be a valid position but I'm not sure it would make a good benchmark.

Excellent analysis, Phil, indicating your obviously highly experienced history conducting job analysis, position evaluation & classification and writing job descriptions, as well as designing executive compensation evaluation programs and incentive schemes. The comment about career paths was nice, too, showing knowledge of T&D issues, as well.

But your final point about good benchmarks may be a bit weak. After all, every "benchmark" is open to criticism about validity by incumbents convinced that their position is totally unique.

Good. And while we're at it, I'd appreciate your advice on benchmarking(and I am NOT making this up) Google’s Head of Getting Moonshots Ready for Contact with the Real World

Send me a private message with the JD, Tony, and I'll plug it into a Semantic Search engine that will yield scores of potential matches. There is one in every Salary Assessor. That specific title has a 67% relevancy with Director Volunteer Services and 33% relevancy with Veterans Contact Representative, for example. But her job looks more like a Dir R&D, which is industry/size sensitive. It will probably require some merging and melding of multiple titles, so weighting will be important.

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