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Hi Dan,
Good post. Equity is difficult because most employees don’t understand how all the different types of programs work. A strong education program is key to its success. I have not had a chance to read your book but strongly agree that “Everything You Do in Compensation is Communication”. If employees don’t understand a program it does not matter how good it is, it won’t be optimized.

If companies are budgeting for incentive and equity programs it should include funding for a communication program to optimize the results. Its crazy how many companies think a plan document is a communication strategy.

Thanks Trevor. I agree that companies who believe that generic plan docs and vanilla presentations educate their employees. Just like those amazing teachers you remember decades later, the compensation pros who create real passion are truly special. But, unlike teachers, comp pros work for companies with budgets and goals that can be funded without an uninterested voting populace.

Thanks for another reminder, Dan, that people have their own motivations. Employer pleas that "you really oughta wanna" feel a certain way don't do much good in the real world. We must recognize that we deal with independent workers who will make their own decisions based upon their reaction to what we offer them. Communicating the consequences is vital.

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