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A question for your readers: If you have ever been in a "data room" while a possible merger or acquisition is in the works, have you ever seen employee survey data included? Why would executives not want to see data related to the human resources along with the financial resources and liabilities?

Hi Dave --- companies aren't really required to show this kind of data. It really has no bearing when deciding whether to acquire a company or not. The results of such data would not be financial which is what an acquiring company is looking for. In other words it would not be a "make or break" deal.
Hope this helps.

The single most important thing that I've learned is to convert the employees of the target company to your vacation plan on day 1.

If (and only if) the pain points are really high, grandfather any truly egregious cases of loss.

Thanks Tony. Many companies let acquired employees keep their same hire date so it can be used for vacation and other things. Agree vacation balances and carry-overs need to be accepted --- and going forward employees earn vacation days under the new company policy.

That introductory quote reminded me of a much harsher phrase attributed to a similar advisor during the horrible ancient Albigensian Crusade in France. Was that intentional?

OK I'll show my ignorance. What quote in the crusade?

Loosely translated from the Latin, someone claimed the commander ordered, "Kill them all... God will sort them out." Indicates a much more severe form of the same indifference shown by that attorney. The written report by the guy said quite the contrary, but the memorable phrase attributed to him has resounded through the centuries.

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