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Thanks, Laura, for reminding us that excessive demonization exists in the workplace as well as in the broader global society. Yes, blaming the victim is extremely popular everywhere. It's much easier to mistreat a dehumanized target. And then any residual shame over committing the abuse frequently creates another cycle of self-deceiving rationalization to further justify the past offense. You can never forgive someone you have wronged without condemning yourself. That's hard for most folks to do.

There's a fine line involved in what you recommend, Laura. I have frequently worked with (over and under and besides) people I disliked. But being unable to "like" them never prevented me from being able to treat them with respect, civility and good will. Difficult to act very warmly towards some repulsive folks, I must admit, but nonjudgmental neutrality is a lot better than coldness or hostility.

Interesting view of both sides of the story - appreciate this "reminder" for me and all others.
Happy and respectful 2015 Laura!

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