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Thanks, Derek, for an always appropriate reminder about what gets overlooked re Maslow's iconic summary and the reality that "all rewards don't jingle." Believe Gerry Ledford, PhD, published more details here a good while ago about overlaps between the actual findings of Maslow and Herzberg.

Reinforcement is problematic to many managers who don't know how to supervise. Pay is easy because it is organizationally mechanistic, sort of like a self-perpetuating reward to large groups and classes. Once started, a payroll reward just keeps on giving without need to renew the action. Non-cash step are harder. It is far more exhausting to supply reinforcement via individual appreciation and personal recognition. That requires constant attention on a case by case basis. The complex process of delivering usually differing customized messages (consequences) that are thus rewarding to each individual requires much more effort from the boss, too. There are books to be published on this topic!

Hmmm. . . I could have sworn I already posted a comment. I totally agree with you about Maslow's hierarchy being fluid. A person can be in a state of actualization and then find themselves back at the basic needs stage depending on the situation. Thanks for the post.

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