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I will miss your posts. They were insightful, well expressed and engaging. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you @Harold for your kind words and wishes.

Thanks for your many insights over the years, Laura! Your expertise will be missed.

Great farewell post. Many people miss the benefits of the right attrition in companies.

Best of luck in your new role.

@Chad and @Trevor - Thank you both your comments are much appreciated.

@Trevor I agree too little attention is paid to the 'right' attrition.

Always looked forward to reading your wonderfully insightful posts, Laura. Our tiny band of sniveling surviving contributing writers here will miss your friendly companionship and enlightening posts terribly. (No response is necessary, Laura, because I feel your spirit.)

Café founder Ann Bares now faces the immense challenge of finding some hardy soul with the temerity and panache to attempt to substitute in some small way for Laura Schroeder's typically thought-provoking articles.

@Jim - Thank you! : ) It's been a pleasure working together.

Best of luck in your new opportunity Laura. I have enjoyed reading your posts over the last year. In my current job, I am the solo comp person and found the cafe as I was searching for something. I have been addicted ever since. I feel like I'm part of an educational community that knows my pain and shares my passion and pride :)
At any rate, it has been a pleasure reading your posts.

Thank you Amy for taking the time to read and leave a comment. It is very much appreciated!

I don't like this post. I like all of your other posts where they weren't your last post on the Cafe.

That being said....Your posts will be missed.

All the best in your new role. I am sure you will be great.

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