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There were many good points, here, prompting a couple of thoughts.

The first is that Viacom's stock decline did not merely reflect the loss of Stewart (to the extent that's what it was actually reflecting), but his loss relative to what would replace his show.

Also, contemplating Viacom's task in replacing Stewart is a great check on the attitude of "How hard can it be?...I sure there are dozens of people who could 'do the job', and would be happy to at half the pay!" That's a social critic talking, not an owner.

Thanks Mark.

Great point on the relative nature of the loss. Just as telling is the fact that Viacom stock is now actually up since the announcement. Shareholders, like great baseball relief pitchers, tend to have very short memories.

As for who can fill his shoes? No one can. But, can someone else do an even BETTER job for Comedy Central and Viacom? ABSOLUTELY. They just have to be willing to find the right person, not the right replacement.

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