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This a great story Dan! You are so creative! Just proves the theory that storytelling is a great way to get your point across! I'm keeping this one.

Great story, Dan. I'd propose an addition noting that it took place in The Entitlement Co.

Very cleverly done, Dan. Nice touch.

I am glad you liked the story. I have used the technique of inviting a negative influencer, loud mouth or know-it-all into the fold for many years. I find that when challenged with putting there actions where their attitude is, most see the errors of their ways or will simply back down.

Wasn't it JFK who, when asked why he selected long-standing rival opponent politician LBJ as his VP running mate, made the impolite allusion about preferring to invite the camel to do his business from inside the tent spraying outside rather than the contrary? Good old analogy, it was.

Great story Jim!

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