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Surprised no one beat me to the punch, Jacque... maybe it's because we all have too many potential examples to offer. You have defined the exact same "ready, aim, fire, score, adjust, repeat" process central to the Goal Setting and Performance Modification chapters in my last book.

It's also fundamental to the classic Mager/Pipe Performance Improvement model and vital for every Performance Improvement Plan. In the standard PIP form I designed long ago, I also added the commitment obligation of the "boss" (what they must do to support/enable the employee in the remedial plan), the consequences for failure to achieve the solution objective, a specific timeframe for mutual closure and a wrap-up date for mutual communication.

It was inspired by cases like the boss who would continually downgrade their subordinate for failing to complete a night school class... because the boss kept scheduling forced overtime that made attendance at the night class impossible. Task interference and conflicting objectives lie behind most performance issues and undercut effective reward systems.

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