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Ugh. I hate it when I'm presented with a question of desired leadership qualities, mostly since it forces some introspection that eventually makes me want to cringe . . . (about myself).

So, not sparked by this posting, but perhaps reinforced by its principal theme - I would have said a key quality of leadership is selflessness. All manner of other quirks, foibles and bad habits are offset by a leader who is selfless in their dealings and interactions with others in the workplace. Likewise, all other positive attributes vanish very quickly, in the face of leaders who act exclusively in their own self-interest.

And I got a good deal of enjoyment out of oh-so subtle use of the intentional malapropism midway through this posting (Pay commiserate with role, opportunity and results vs. Pay commensurate with role, opportunity and results). Quite clever.

Trust rules. People follow consistent leaders who would die for them.

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