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A thinly-veiled, if not completely apt metaphor, drawn from our collective experience last week.

To perhaps add to Number 7, from my own (second-hand) experience last week. Someone mentioned that the Skyway can turn into a dead end, for sections that run through retail establishments that have a specified closing time. So, like an incentive compensation plan, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the business rules associated with the plan in advance, which can help you avoid having to "take a detour". (and go outside and: get wet, get cold, get blown away, or name-your-favorite . . .)

So maybe the Skyway in MN and the ones in Calgary and other semi-artic cities also have "good-until" usage periods, like sunset clauses frequently found in incentive plans. They are only designed for use during certain set periods, don't last forever and are periodically improved.

Contingent pay programs are also like that, too, requiring constant monitoring to made the next adjustment even more effective than the last alteration.

I live the additions and hope that others will pile on.

Or perhaps I love the additions...

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