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Thanks, Jacque, for reminding us that organizations are human enterprises and therefore change with circumstances and environments. Accordingly, no one approach works equally well forever or for everyone. The effect of life cycles on compensation (and vice-versa) used to be extremely visible in the heady labor relations days when union contracts created great pressure on profitability margins. Now, most comp people have not been exposed to those realities, so it is important to remember those lessons. Otherwise, they are often painfully learned.

Thanks Jim. I think my point -- and it cannot be emphasized enough -- is the importance of HR to know and understand the company business. So important and cannot be said too many times.

Hear hear...

I have met though compensation analyst when exposed to the other side just one way/method/strategy compensation, find it very hard to take. Literally tears in their eyes. I wish more compensation analyst doesn't stay in one company too long, you don't experience compensation variety sitting in one chair unless your company changes constantly.

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