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"Is there any truth to the idea that those who are profligate with words are similarly generous in the way they dispense compensation?"

My experience may be unique to me (or maybe not), but I've consistently found that those who are profligate with words - like sales and marketing professionals - tend to desire to be overly generous with the company's money. I've noticed they like to use words like "some" or "others" or "many" as well when making their points, while Finance, IT and Compensation professionals tend to want more precise information.

Agree with Scott that those who cite unspecified sources to justify claims for more money do tend to want higher disbursements. But engineers (who are not known as highly articulate wordsmiths) are some of the strongest proponents for the steady increasing automatic ratcheting of their pay. They frequently reference ratios, formulae and decimal places, however, in their justifications, rather than rely on comparative adjectives. I think...

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