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Hear, hear, Tony! This is definitely a Good Thing for all compensation professionals. We will be greatly needed and hopefully appreciated.

The prospect of dealing with the impending dawn of blinding sunlight exposing all the shadows and warts of unsupportable reward practices should place great demands on total rewards types. Hope we can respond appropriately. That will be the acid test of our collective abilities to correct the distortions accumulated over the years and to justify resulting discretionary decisions.

Big exam coming... better prepare.

Thanks for the thumbs up, Jim.

2014 employee survey results, one of the few on the subject, I believe:

"Workers appear to be even less favorable to the idea, however. Two-thirds (65 percent) would not like it if their company openly disclosed all salaries."

Good idea to survey your employees before you reveal salaries. Could be that your valued employees don't like the idea.

Tony, Do you have other surveys on the subject to share?


Agree with you Ed, that this might not sit well with some employees, hence my remark that complete transparency will be a bridge too far for many organizations.
But I suspect that there is a generational aspect to this as well, and that Millennials in particular will be far more open to the idea than some of us older folk.

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