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Good analogy, Chuck. Of course, we all realize that some comp people are as profligate as the popularity-seeking manager and some managers are more tight-fisted with "their" budgets than a broadminded finance type. Or is that last an oxymoron?

This story could only have been made better if it had ended with:

That being said, I toasted the graduate and then we ordered another beer . . . which I made him pay for.

Sound advice to the brave soul looking to venture into the world of compensation.

It seems so intuitive to always ask "what's this new initiative going to cost, what will the return to the company be to justify the cost, and how will we roll it out to management and gain their support that the initiative works for them as well". But I know we've all worked with folks from all three groups that do not approach the questions as holistically.

A vwey nice parable that really hits home the fact that unless HR/Comp understand what business they are in and how it meets its objectives then they will never get a seat at the top table.

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