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I hear you Dan. Large Compensation departments could actually do well to pay heed to some of these, especially these two in my opinion.

1. They try and keep things simple. They know that a limited program that works is better than an amazing program that doesn’t.

2. Since compensation and HR are part of the same job the approach is more holistic than at many larger companies.

The most interesting thing in my experience (caution - anecdote, not data) is the degree of attention paid to health & welfare benefit costs vs. compensation costs. The latter absolutely dwarf the former, but CFO attention runs in the opposite direction.


Sometimes I think comp pros get bored and create new programs because it "feels" like it is time. Unfortunately they tend not to end the old programs. The result can be a menagerie of pay programs that no one understands or fully values.


EXCELLENT POINT! Comp people need to be better at explaining why the focus should start with the biggest pieces of the pie.

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