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Um, I hate to rain on your parade Jim, but 24 YEARS after enacting comparable worth legislation, the Canadian province of Ontario still had a 26% “gender pay gap” in 2011.


As a practical matter, the “gender pay gap” will cease to exist only if and when all occupations have an exactly equal gender balance of individuals who are either willing or required to work an equal number of hours, and who are required by law or custom to devote equal amounts of time to child rearing and/or other caregiving responsibilities. And it is not at all clear that any of that is attainable in an environment of freedom and unconstrained choice.


You are correct, Tony, that pay by gender comparisons are complicated by multiple diverse factors. Some researchers agree with you that the financial incentives for more overtime http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jobs-with-the-worst-gender-wage-gap-183821927.html# act most against women.

Better laws only help but can’t solve historical problems. Of course, if choices were unrestrained by law, we would still have child labor and slavery, too.

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