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It may be different elsewhere, but here in MSP the compensation community is small enough that everybody knows everybody else, and accordingly you are well advised to be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you will most assuredly meet them again on the way down.

You never have to apologize for being polite, do you, Tony? Even though it might deny you some much-desired catharsis...

Catharsis... isn't that what you do at the gym?

The fine art of balancing employee and employer needs. It is unfortunate when an employee does what is best for their own needs while trying to consider his/her employer's needs and is not appreciated for it.

It works both ways I think as far as not burning bridges. Employees never know when they might need a good reference and employers don't want a bad reputation in the employee grapevine.

I have seen the quick goodbye which staff can never understand especially when it is a good employee. When you look at it from the employee standpoint, it can be a good thing, if they think of it that way and not as a personal affront. Sometimes it is necessary....when I hoped for it though, I didn't get it and had to work all the way through my exit date!

Good observations, Karen. Sorry the gambit failed for you, but maybe the wait made you a lot happier when you arrived at the new place. Delayed gratification can enhance appreciation for some rewards.

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