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Thanks, @Derek for the mention. I'm glad that my comment resonated with you. We at Uppercase think a lot about redefining performance management for the modern workforce. Your image headline, "Same Process, New Technology" gets at a very important point -- newer, more modern technology alone won't change the HR Ecosystem. It will be a synergy of simplified technology and optimized processes that does it.

Performance is one of the first places where process changes can be experimented with relative ease. Frequent goal setting, regular one-on-one check-ins with your employees, and real-time feedback require little overhead, and can only bring about better communication between an employee and their manager. And better communication is the first step towards better performance.

Don't believe anyone disagrees with the central statements here. While nothing you wrote should be new to HR people, executives from other disciplines still need to be convinced. Any performance judgment that is not a summary roll-up of a complete series of periodic and comprehensive interactive feedback resolution sessions is doomed to failure.

The old way is NOT the easy way. The annual-only surprise party is the most difficult and most problematic approach. Many managers today don't know how to supervise and are all too rarely required to exercise effective communication protocols with subordinates. It's much easier to blame HR. Let's break this cycle of futility, frustration and fury!

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