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Some years ago, Matt Ward is supposed to have said "You can re-price your options, or your competitors will do it for you". In much the same vein, it would now seem that you can have radical pay transparency, or your employees will do it for you.

Since in the U.S., at least, we cannot discipline employees for talking about salaries, eventual near-full pay transparency seems almost inevitable. That said, count me among the number that would rather keep my salary private.

I volunteer that mine is zero. Last time I led an exercise to openly share salaries among top professional society members at a national conference, the participants were scared silly before and highly relieved after. Their anxieties and worries were expelled by the sunshine. It was an ego thing of a bygone generation soon to depart the workplace.

As a compensation practitioner for over 20 years, (I am obviously not a Gen Xer ;-)), I agree with the authors sentiments. The perceived benefits seem to pale in comparision to the potential detriments.

Pay process transparency works well enough for me. No thank you to posting my actual salary to the masses. If I wanted to do that I'd take a position in government!

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