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Great post Chuck. Given that it's increasingly important for Compensation professionals be business savvy and solve business problems ---- it's a shame that all of the Compensation courses from W@W and SHRM and whoever else focus on the hard side. Fine for "newbies" but managers need something more if they want to get Christmas cards.

Great post!

I recall an old Tom Peters quote I like to trot out and it seems applicable here too...

"The hard stuff is easy; it's the soft stuff that's hard"

There is a need for the comp practitioner to equally understand the science (street cred lays here) and the art (influence lays here) of their trade craft. Thanks.

This is a great article. I am a member of a much less structured company- I felt many of these same feelings as I progressed in my career. Sometimes we feel safe and protected by the policies and lean on them when in times of doubt to help justify a response- the policy applies to everyone so it must be fair right? The reality is most of the time it is the trust and relationships that you build with leaders that are the most influential when lobbying for changes or trying to maintain policies. These soft skills are difficult because they are in some ways the opposite of the skills that made us successful in the first place. I have found being right is not nearly as relevant as being trusted.

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