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I would hope that we in Human Resources who should lift up all those in the working world would no longer use the term "good enough for government work". I have worked in the public sector and with public sector employees and have found some of the hardest working most dedicated people in service to the communities they support. They deserve better than this phrase. They are committed to doing an outstanding job and face this kind of backstabbing commentary on a routine basis, and still put in extraordinary efforts. I think you owe all of those in service to the public sector a sincere apology for use of this statement. Sure, are those that slack in the public sector? Yes, but I've seen just as bad in the private sector too.


Oh good grief, would I love to share this out to employees. But I won't, of course.

Agree with Katherine about the "good enough" comment; should be banned from our lexicon.

Thanks for the fun article, though - good for a chuckle, since no employees beyond managers will read this.

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