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Thanks Dan.

We also need to watch out for instances where modal pay levels and practices are suggested to be 'best practices' in order to keep bosses and stakeholders 'happy'. The two - mode and best- are NOT the same. Worse, we need to beware of the unstable and dangerous habits of averages (means) to swing up or down, pulled along by artifactual noise in the data, and opt instead for using medians as more stable measures of the 'middle' or center against which we determine our position or policy line for each employee segment and selected rewards variable.

No country or company ever becomes great by aiming to just do what most 'others are doing.' We know that oft asked question from bosses and stakeholders about what others are doing.

Thanks once again, Dan.

Right on, Dan!

"Average is a myth perpetuated by those looking for a shortcut"

A statement that has wider implications than compensation, and therefore worth remembering.

Thanks for the post, and the reminder. We are not average.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."

(Catchy saying by some anonymous bright marketing writer... NOT by W. Rogers, O. Wilde, or S. Clemens.)

I am so glad this post resonated with people. It can be hard to fight the pull of the middle. The edges can seem scary.

Maybe we should look approach pay more like we approach flying on a commercial flight. The aisle gets the quickest access to food and bathrooms. The window gets the view and best sleeping position. The middle gets elbows and dirty looks. No one wants to be the middle on a flight.

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