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"...what exactly is left to wonder about?" Well, Jacque, I think you clearly identified one thing. With pay transparency, many employees will immediately wonder why they aren't making "fair" (meaning MORE) pay compared to selected others. With open information, it's easier to seize on details and create arguments to claim justifications for personal increases. It gives workers a new weapon with which to beat you.

Everyone knows that internal equity disputes are both problematic and toxic. That will be the combat zone of the future. Subjective value decisions are much more difficult to defend than esoteric market survey matching.

Hi Jim--- thanks for the comment. The end note was just a way of saying that there is so much info on the net for people to see about each other, your company might as well be transparent with you or you might pull an end run like the Google employee. You are right --- transparency will be the next battleground.

I think there is an underlying issue of trust. Where employees don't trust their leaders, they will look at transparency or a lack there as an issue. If there is trust, there is less questioning.

Even though we learn in grade school that "life isn't fair" as adults we still try to make it so.

Agree Karen. Trust plays an important part. The less employees trust their employers, the less they will believe explanations regarding pay. Companies need to focus as much on trust as on transparency.

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