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Great points, Derek! The best thing a sick employee can do is stay home and not infect the entire workforce. Also, better to take a break and recharge drained batteries than limp in and stagger around in a dizzy fog or frantically spin your wheels in tense anxiety.

Optimal productivity demands optimal mental, physical and emotional health. Otherwise, your organization will be run by confused, hurt and unbalanced people.

PTO was supposed to be the antidote for employees to feel comfortable planning time off as needed (even if the day before) for either life maintenance but also for the last minute sick day. An unscheduled absence can disrupt a business and should only be a last resort but it happens.

I think it depends on your business and the employees' role if you can forgive "mental health days" which occur with no notice.

Employees should be empowered to use their time off wisely, as needed, and with consideration of their co-workers.

I think PTO is the best way to manage scheduled and unscheduled time off. We don't need a separate "sick" time bank. We should not have to define it as "pulling a sickie" when we are not truly sick. Let's treat employees like an adult and perhaps they will act like a responsible one.

One can hope.

I like this. Interestingly enough, we have separated PTO banks for sick and vacation time and feel that some staff may be taking "mental health days" not because they need them so much as they have a bunch of sick time they never use because they are generally healthy and their sick time is maxing out. Because of this, we're looking into having either one combined PTO bank without categories for vacation and sick or creating a personal time category that can be for whatever they choose.

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