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Thanks, Chuck, for a good summary of those dysfunctional disruptive halo effect dynamics. Everyone sees them at one time or another, so they need to be understood in perspective.

Thanks for sharing your post, it was an interesting read. I believe that we can't all be team players, some of us might stand out and some of us might fake it until we make it. If you are in a position and you don't feel comfortable and don't enjoy it then change it up. Take control and good things can happen.

Interesting topic and in general good advice for the ceiling challenged.

The elephant in the room is the fact that cliques often don't care about image and exposure either. Sometimes the clique is just a club you are not in and no amount of remaking yourself will get you in.

Create your own club and don't let them in. HA!

This condition says more about those doing the promoting than those being promoted.

If you feel you may be a treat to your boss, then it's best to bail.

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